Out and About

Evening spent with Julia trying to find an Asian restaurant. Managed to steal a table at a very busy and happening place: Yamamori. We ate vegetable dim sum and sweet potato fries. Absolutely delicious and can’t wait to return!

Night 2: QUAYS. great music. A live musician played acoustic versions of popular songs. The place is on Temple Bar and the people were nice and the drinks not bad. Certainly fun for a night or two. Stayed out to 3am with locals and friend Julia.


This was the night I realized pub crawling and drinking till early morning were no longer entertaining. Chinese food plus a good movie and my Big Bird are what I find enjoyable and entertaining these days. And writing, I can’t go a day without that.

Day 3: Hung over all morning and when I finally ventured outside for food i got soaked and wind whipped. Boo. To top things off the place I wanted to eat at closed early. The rest of the day I lay in bed skyping my Bf, reading,  and watching movies.

Here is my food, quite enjoyable. It is only a block or two from Christ’s Church (illy could be the name, I have to double check)

Night 3: I’ve warmed up and had some coffee. The map given to me when I arrived is spread out on my bed and lap. There are many places I can’t wait to see!! James Joyce’s birthplace and places from his stories. Of course the many libraries have my attention as well as a few burials and historical sites.

Those adventures will begin soon.
Until then I’ve begun to read a Discovery of Witches. Very well written so far; I look forward to the rest of it’s chapters.



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